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Maple Waterfall Table

We recently completed a very rewarding project - the maple waterfall table. Although it is small compared to many of our other projects, it still required a lot of detail and precision.

One of our clients needed to take down a large maple tree to make space for the construction of a new building. The tree was beautiful and deserved to stay as a part of the property. The vision was to have it milled and turned into a furniture piece. When we met with the interior designer they told us it was to be a "waterfall table". What a great idea for a computer workstation in the common area of the building.

Once we got the slabs into our shop it was time to start the process of turning them into the correct size and finish for a custom fit. The maple was beautiful as we got into it.

After getting the wood into the correct condition, we filled it where needed and created the large mitered edge to give it the custom waterfall table look. We think it fits perfect in our clients building and are delighted they asked us to work on this project. Hopefully it is a good place for a coffee and some work for years to come!

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